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Airport Security Travel Tips

Photo ID
If you are traveling by air, you will need a photo ID to go through security. Make sure that ID is current and valid. Without a current ID you may not get on your flight or at a minimum you may have to go thorough security check.

Keep Suitcases Unlocked
Since January 1, 2003, the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has required the screening of all checked baggage at all 429 commercial airports across the United States.
In some cases, screeners may have to open your baggage as part of the screening process. You can help prevent the need to break your locks by keeping your bags unlocked. If your bag is unlocked, then TSA will simply open the bag and screen it. However, if the bag is locked and TSA needs to open your bag, then your lock may have to be broken if you are not in the immediate vicinity of the baggage screening area. TSA states it will not be liable for damage caused to locked bags that must be opened for security purposes.
If TSA screeners open your bag during the screening procedure, they will close it with a tamper evident seal and place a notice in your bag alerting you that TSA screeners opened you bag for inspection.
TSA has announced that it will provide seals at the airport for you to use to secure your bags as an alternative to locks. If TSA needs to inspect your bag, the screeners will cut off the seal and replace it with another seal. Until this happens, you may consider purchasing standard "cable ties," which can be found at your local hardwood store. The 4 to 5 inch variety cable ties generally work best since they are the easiest to remove at your destination and can be used to close almost every bag with zippers.

Shoes Must Go
As you approach an airport security checkpoint, you might as well go ahead and remove your shoes. At most airports TSA is requiring that passengers put their shoes through the carry-on scanning machine. It seems that increased sensitivity of the walk-through metal detectors is causing alarms to sound for shoes that used to go through unscathed.
Bottom line, to save time, you might as well have your shoes in hand as you approach the security checkpoint. You should also consider emptying your pockets of anything that might set off the metal detectors.
(excerpts from MOAA Member Services Update for June 2003)

Procedures will vary at various airport facilities. (This is a note based on personal experiences. webmaster)

Test to Open Stateside Space-A Travel to Military Families.

A one-year test starting April 1 will permit space-available air travel within the continental United States by family members who accompany their military sponsers.
Defense transportation officials said dependents of active-duty member and military retirees will be eligible. Their travel priority during the test will be the same as their sponsor's. The test ends March 31, 2004.
Current regulations allow dependents to travel space-A with sponsors to, from and between overseas points, but prohibit their travel point-to-point within the continental United States. Active duty and retired military members already have space-A priveleges stateside and overseas.
To register for space-A travel, active-duty sponsors must be on leave or a pass and remain in that status while awaiting travel and through the entire travel period.
Retirees may sign up 60 days in advance but not before the test begins April 1.
(Generally, space-A is the seats left on military aircraft after official duty travelers and cargo is accommodated. Space-A travelers are assigned various seating categories; for instance, active duty members on emergency travel receive a higher priorty than leisure travelers. The Air Force's system is the best known, but all the services offer space-A using their own rules and policies.)
For more information on the space-A privilege, its rules, registration process, travel procedures, tips and dozens of frequently asked questions, visit the Air Force Air Mobility Command space-A Web site at:
excerpt from MOAA's Benefits Information for March 2003.

As a follow-up to the U.S. Air Force test program concerning dependents flying Space-A in CONUS, the program has been extended indefinitely.
The test was due to end on 31 March 2004, but according to my phone call to Scott AFB, the program will be extended until such time as a policy decision can be reached.
CDR V. A. Eagye

Our nearest Space A facility is at Travis, AFB in Fairfield, CA.

A schedule of flights is no longer posted on the Internet for security reasons.

To contract Travis Space A:

Space A Info: (707) 424-1854

mailing address: 90 Ragsdale Street, Travis AFB, CA 94535-2941
Westwind Lodging: (707) 424-8000

Other Local Housing/Lodging:
DLI Presidio of Monterey

Reservations are accepted for Space available guest by calling two weeks in advance. To make a reservation, call (831) 242-5091

Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey
Navy Lodge: (831) 372-6133

Recreation Centers

Armed Forces Recreation Centers, Europe

New Bavarian resort to open in September.
The Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch, in the Bavarian Alps, is scheduled to open September 15, 2004. The Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC) Europe is accepting reservations now. You can get a "sneak peek" of the new era of AFRC Europe by visiting the website or calling the AFRC Europe Vacation Planning Center at 011-49-08821-72981.
(excerpts from Army Echoes, Jan-Apr 2004)

Garmisch: phone 011-49-8821-79091, fax 011-49-8821-3942
Chiemsee: phone 011-49-8051-803170, fax 011-49-8051-803158

Shades of Green, Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Florida.
The resort has reopened with more than double the size, with the addition of 299 rooms to the previous 287. Shades of Green is adjacent to Disney's Palm Golf Course and just outside the gates of Mickey Mouse's famous house. For reservations or information, call 888-593-2242 or fax 407-824-3665. The hotel's direct number is (407) 824-3400, fax (407) 824-3460 or visit

Hale Koa Hotel
address: 2055 Kalia Road, Honolulu, HI 96815-1998
phones: (808) 955-9424 or 1-800-367-6027
fax: 1-800-425-3329

Dragon Hill, Korea
phone: 011-822-790-0016
fax: 011-822-792-0036


Bavarian Rec Centers Offer Retiree Specials

"Retirees Only" is the name of the special program being offered by the Armed Forces Recreation Centers in Europe. The program features adifferent tour package in June, September, October, and December.

All tours include stays at AFRC Garmisch and AFRC Chiemsee but each features different highlights such as royal palaces, cities, quaint towns and fairytale castles as well as the attractions of the season such as Christmas markets. The tours range in length from 9 to 12 days and range in cost from $1600 to $2000 for two adults which includes hotel accommodations, breakfasts, transportation to and from Munich Airport, and transportation and admission to all scheduled activities and tours. Airfare is not included.

For more information, e-mail; call 011-49-8821-72981; fax 011-49-8821-3942; or write to: Armed Forces Recreation Centers Resorts in Europe; ATTN: Vacation Planning Center; Unit 24501; APO AE 09053

If you would like to receive a copy of AFRC's RSVP newsletter for retirees, write to: HQ AFRC Europe; ATTN: Marketing; Unit 24501; APO AE 09053.
(an excerpt from Army Echoes, May 2002)