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Cadet Morgan Kim


Cadet Morgan Kim, a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a member of the Santa Clara University Army ROTC Bronco Battalion, was awarded a $1,500 scholarship Thursday, April 20th, at the Biltmore Hotel luncheon, in recognition of his interest, capabilities, need, and potential for commissioned officer service to America. Scholarship Committee Chair CAPT Paul Barrish, USN (RET), made the presentation.
Morgan says, "After graduation I will be commissioned an officer in the United States Army and I hope to serve on active duty as a 2nd LT in the US Army's Field Artillery Branch. I would like to complete a minimum of eight years in order to get plenty of experience at the O-3 company command level. After that I will consider ending active service to begin a career in law enforcement ideally as an FBI agent or as a police officer."
As an upper division MSIII cadet he wrote that he is "taking on the notional role of squad leader and learning the significance of the non- commissioned officer (NCO) corps in the military, as well as the responsibilities common to NCOs everywhere. Being a leader is no easy feat but now I understand that it is the job of a military leader to train our troops and look out for them."
After an early and false start as a Computer Science major, he switched to Legal Studies with a minor in Sociology, which he claims is a better fit. "I am much stronger as a writer than I was as a programmer. I am deeply interested in the structural framework of law that governs society and often look back in history to see how legalsystems were contrived. My favorite course thus far is without a doubt, Issues with Constitutional Law, as this was a course that meticulously analyzed the Bill of Rights from its inception to each significant court case into today.
Morgan has completed a total of 122 units and has a 2.58 grade point average (GPA), which he thinks will improve now that he studying a subject that makes more sense to him. He notes, "I am currently enrolled in 18 credit hours, taking two Legal Studies courses, Comparative Law and Politics of Law, a Sociology course, Water and Sanitation in Society, and the ROTC Military Science 3 course. I also work at the UC Santa Cruz Police Department and frequently volunteer with the UCSC EMS Club* and Vets 4 Vets Santa Cruz, a veteran's organization located in the city of Santa Cruz."
Born and raised in Los Angeles, he lived there until he moved to Santa Cruz to attend the university. Looking forward, Cadet Kim suggests that "while growing up the military was always something that I had thought of personally, though I am the only one in my family to choose this path. I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and do something that would make a difference – the big things that draw me to military service are the camaraderie and having clear set work expectations."
SOURCE: Candidate Interview 
*Emergency Medical Slugs (UCSC mascot) is the first group at UCSC with a focus in emergency medicine and pre hospital care.
The group is dedicated to fostering a collegiate community, providing mentorship, and acting as a support network for students both certified and interested in certification as first responders, as well as interested in emergency medical services as a whole. EMS provides standby First Aid services for UCSC sponsored events.




San Jose State  University ROTC SCHOLARSHIP WINNER
Cadet James Custodio
Cadet Captain James R. Custodio

Air Force ROTC Cadet Captain James R. Custodio, Cadet Wing Executive Officer, Detachment 045, San Jose State University, was awarded a $1,500scholarship in recognition of academic achievements in a course of studies leading to service as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. Scholarship Chair CAPT Paul Barrish, USN (RET), made the luncheon meeting presentation.
According to Lt. Col. Michael E. Pecher, Chair/Professor of Aerospace Studies, Cadet Custodio "has consistently been a top performer academically and has been fully involved in extracurricular activities. He has shown great promise and enthusiasm and is highly deserving of this scholarship. He also has financial need, and unfortunately barely missed getting an AFROTC scholarship last year; every little bit of financial assistance is helpful to him."
Cadet Custodio's current career goals include "acquiring valuable experience and skills that will help me further my career in the Air Force while trying to obtain a Master's in Global Criminology online through San Jose State University." As a third year cadet with one year to go to graduation, he looks forward to a commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force and in an intelligence, contracting, or security forces role.
 As Cadet Wing Executive Officer this young cadet provides comprehensive administrative assistance to Wing staff, distributes all operations orders required for weekly activities to the Cadet Wing, and provides assistance and suggestions to the Cadet Wing Commander. In addition, he serves as the Precision Drill Unit Director of Training, Arnold Air Society Information Manager, and off campus as Intern, San Jose Police Department Crime Prevention Unit.
Lt. Col. Pecher reported that "Cadet Custodio is a Criminal Justice major and has consistently been a top performer, maintaining a 3.1 cumulative grade point average (GPA) with an impressive 3.7 term GPA in the Fall 2016 semester. In addition, he has been an active participant in the professional drill unit participating in many high profile events in the community. He has been an active member of the local chapter of Arnold Air Society, instilling leadership in future Air Force officers, as well as providing service to the local community."
Cadet Custodio wrote, "I chose to major in Justice Studies because of my early interest in the justice system. I wanted to major in a study that is exciting and challenging at the same time, and Justice Studies fit that profile. My favorite course is currently JS 132, Race, Gender, and Inequality because it focuses on the numerous inequalities in our society and ties them back to the relationship with the justice system."
"My older cousin was the biggest influence on me making the decision to go into the Air Force," Custodio explained. "He enlisted right after graduating from high school and he is now a Senior Airman with the Security Forces in Arizona.
My mom wanted me to try and earn a college degree first and she recommended I do AFROTC to gain some experience while getting an education. I am happy where I am right now in my personal and professional life because of the decision to be a part of something bigger than myself.

SOURCE: Interview Comments