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SVC Officials

SVC officers are elected to a one-year term, for the calendar year. Candidates and nominations are accepted during the fall meetings and luncheons. Elections are conducted before the end of the year and newly elected officers are installed during the January luncheon.

Members, to include the auxiliary, are encouraged to participate in the elections and seek office.

Officers for year 2018 are:
President: Chuck McDougald, Cpt, US Army
1st Vice President:
J.C. Burns, LCDR, USN
2nd Vice President: Clyde Bingham, CDR, USN
Secretary: Warren B. Enos, COL, AUS
Treasurer: Keith Ott, CAPT, USN
Immediate Past President: Gil Borgardt, CAPT, USN

Board of Directors and Committee Chairs are volunteers who devote their time and energies for Chapter activities and functions.

Surviving Spouse (Auxiliary): Charlenne Lee, LtCol, USA
Chaplain: Don Bradley, Col, USAF
Commissary Advy: Ralph Hunt, CDR, USN
Friends-in-Need Program: Al Mouns,CDR, USN
Programs: Ralph Hunt, CDR, USN
ROTC: Patrick Clark, CW4, USA
CAL/MOAA: Gil Borgardt , Capt,USN
Membership: Clyde Bingham, CDR,USN
Scholarship Board: Charles Curran,LtCol,USAF
Gio Picazo, Cpt, USAF
Paul Barrish, CAPT, USN
Travel/Space A Advisory: Vacant
Web Master: Michael S. Sampognaro, LTC, USAF
Veteran Affairs:Neil Miles, LTC, USAF
Sergeant-at-Arms:Chris Kachulis, Capt, USAF

Chapter Outreach: Robert Landgraf, CWO5, USMC
ROA Liaison: Warren B. Enos, COL, AUS
Neil Miles, LTC, USAF
Navy League Liaison: Tom Winant, LCDR, USN

Directors at Large:
Jesse Craddock, LTC, USAF
Lloyd McBeth, CAPT, USN

The Bulletin editor is Michael Sampognaro, LTC, USAF. He volunteers his time and expertise in all aspects of providing you with a quality monthly new bulletin. The Bulletin is a publication, which goes to the members' homes and keeps them informed of current national and local concerns.

If you have any articles which you would like published in our monthly Bulletin, please submit them to LTC Michael Sampognaro at his e-mail address:

For National issues and the latest in legislative activities, go to our National Organization website;

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