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Brief History of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America, Inc.

On 10 November 1950, at the founding meeting, ninety-eight (98) retired officers of the armed services of the peninsula area met, for the purpose of organizing a retired officer's club, at the Officer's Club, Moffett Field, California. This group of retired officers, primarily from World War I service, had been meeting socially for years. Major General Ralph C. Smith, USA, presided as acting president and LTC O.C. Paciulli was acting secretary.

General Smith called the meeting to order after lunch. It was decided:

- The name of the proposed organization would be "The Peninsula Retired Officers Club".

- That the Club would meet every second Wednesday of every third month beginning with14 February 1951 with the meeting to be at the Officer's Club, Moffett Field.

- General Smith to appoint an Executive Committee to draw up a Constitution and a set of By-Laws and to propose a slate of officers for the organization. BGEN George Miller, USA, (Chairman); B/GEN Wilfried Fromhold, USMC: COL D.G. Lingle, USAF; CAPT P.A. White, USN; and COL Robert E. Jones, USA, were appointed.

- LTC O.C. Paciulli to continue as secretary and a committee to keep abreast of and report on legislation affecting the welfare of retired officers.

- Finally it was decided to have no regular dues but to add 25 cents to the meals purchased by members, which money would be used to defray incidental costs of maintaining the organization.

(Extracted from the minutes of the 10 November 1950 meeting,)

The ninety-eight officers who signed the original register became the first roster of members of the "The Peninsula Retired Officers Club".

On 14 February 1951 The Peninsula Retired Officers Club met at the Officer's Club, Moffett Field and was welcomed by CAPT J.W. Harris, USN, Commanding Officer of Moffett Field. Rear Admiral Robert Anderson, USN, Ret., Co-Founder, Director, and West Coast Representative of TROA, addressed the club on National TROA, it founding, history, and functions.

The following were elected to office as The Peninsula Retired Officers Clubs' first presiding officers:

President: MGEN Thomas G. Hearns, USA, Ret.
Vice President: CAPT G.P. Smallman, USN, Ret
Treasurer: COL Arthur U. Ellis, USMC, Ret
Secretary: LTC O.C. Paciulli, USA, Ret
Executive Members:
BGEN W.A. Fromhold, USMC, Ret
COL David G. Lingle, USAR, Ret
CAPT R.A. White, USN, Ret

On 9 May 1951, the minutes state "The Peninsula Retired Officers Association" met at Moffett Field Officer's Club at which the proposed constitution was read. After the reading, it was moved, seconded and approved that the Constitution be adopted as read. (NOTE - The adopted name of the organization was "The Peninsula Retired Officer's Association." Minutes of meetings of May 1952 was the last use of "Association" in its name, after which, only the "Peninsula Retired Officers" was used.)

The Peninsula Retired Officers continued to promote legislation beneficial to retired officers and further the goals and purposes of National TROA. The 12 February 1953 meeting was the first time ladies were invited to attend.

October 6, 1954 minutes show the Peninsula Retired Officers were about $40 in the red, so on December 9, 1954 it was decided to assess each member $1.00 to pay off the deficit and have some working capital.

On March 1, 1956 Officers and Executive Board met to develop ways and means to increase membership and improve attendance. Reps for each city and various organizations were named for the purpose.

Minutes of 10 January 1957 were first to display a change of name adopted. The letterhead shows "Peninsula Retired Officers Club" thus changing from "Association" to "Club."

Until 1958, regulations prohibited active and retired officers from trying to influence the passage of any proposed legislation concerning the Services by direct appeal to the Congress or the Legislature.

A dramatic change in attitude toward Congress took place with the passage of the 1958 and 1963 Pay Bills when, for the first time in history, military retired pay was reduced. This action by Congress resulted in a dramatic increase in membership in PROC.

At the July 5, 1961 meeting By-Laws were revised to delete the word "stag", thus allowing female officers to join PROC.

On October 17, 1961, after several attempts to get a reduced bulk rate mailing permit, it was reported the Post Office department had again rejected request for a non-profit mailing permit.

Initially the area from which members were drawn was Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz Counties. When Santa Cruz formed their own chapter, PROC deleted Santa Cruz as an area from which to draw members.

Recorded history of PROC does not reveal when or if By-Laws, as amended, were approved nor was incorporation attempted, although much was discussed. The most recent By-Laws were adopted 21 November 1991, incorporation was completed on 8 May 1992, IRS determined PROC to be exempt from federal income tax on 23 November 1992 and a bulk rate non-profit mailing permit was obtained 8 December 1992.

At the end of 2000, The Peninsula Retired Officers Club had 464 members and 132 auxiliaries. PROC holds monthly board meetings and monthly activity functions, including dinners or luncheons with programs, tours, and golf tournaments.

When TROA changed its name to the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) the PROC board of directors passed a resolution to change the PROC name to the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (SVC-MOA). The membership approved the name change at the annual membership meeting in November 2002. The California Secretary of State recorded the amendment to the Articles of Incorporation on 19 December 2002 and PROC became the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America, Inc. at one minute after midnight, 1 January 2003. Membership at the beginning of year 2003 was; members 422 and auxiliaries 125.