At San Jose State University’s 2011 Commencement, Major General Anthony L. Jackson (USMC) received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from President Don Kassing. He is the first alumnus of flag rank to be so honored by SJSU. General Jackson came to San Jose State College in 1967 on an athletic scholarship, played three varsity seasons, and became the captain of the football team in 1970. With great courage, he led the boycott movement which resulted in Brigham Young University integrating their football team. Jackson was also a cadet in the Army ROTC program. (continued on page 2)


A new course, University Studies 95V entitled “Warriors at Home: Succeeding in College, Life, and Relationships” is being offered at SJSU in the Fall 2011 semester, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3:00 to 4:15 pm. The class, developed and taught by Dr. Anne Demers of the Health Science Department and Dr. Elena Klaw of the Psychology Department, will assist veteran and military students in making positive transitions from military to civilian life or from deployment to post-deployment life. It will provide the tools to necessary to navigate San Jose State University, and to succeed both in academics and interpersonal relationships, as well as in developing a


Lt. Ben Hazard at Camp Savage Military Language School

Dr. Benjamin Harrison (Ben) Hazard, who taught for many years in the History Department at SJSU, passed away at age 91 on May 16, 2011 at his home in San Jose.

Born in Massachusetts, Dr. Hazard grew up in Los Angeles. As he was studying Japanese at UCLA when the war began, The Military Intelligence Service recruited him. He went through Officer Candidate School and then was trained as a military translator. Sent to the Pacific Theater, Lt. Hazard commanded a team of Nisei combat

career plan. For more information contact (continued on page 3)Dr. Klaw at


In February, on the recommendation of the Veterans/Military Students Task Force, President Don Kassing created the Veterans Advisory Committee, which had its first meeting in March. Essentially, what had been a temporary Task Force has now been made permanent and administratively placed in the Office of Student Affairs, headed by Vice President Jason Laker.


This summer sees a change in command at SJSU’s Air Force ROTC Detachment 045. LTC Rick Moxley is passing the torch to LTC D. Kevin McFatridge. LTC Moxley is moving to Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina to be a staff officer on the A3 staff at AFCENT, the Air Force’s Central Command. As a member of the V/MS Task force and the Veterans Advisory Committee, LTC Moxley was as steadfast friend of, and a tireless worker for, our veterans and military students and we wish him all the best.

LTC McFatridge graduated in 1993 from the Air Force Academy with a B.S. in Space Operations and flew combat missions over Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Before coming to SJSU, he served as commander of the 390th Electronic Combat Squadron at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station in Washington State. We welcome him aboard.

TONY JACKSON (cont. from page 1)

In 1971, he received his B.A. in History and in 1973, his Masters from the same department. While at State, he met his future wife, Susan.

After a few years in the private sector and the Marine Reserves, Jackson entered active duty, and began a thirty-five year career in the Marine Corps, serving at Central Command for both OIF and OEF, and at the newly created Africa Command. He is presently Commanding General, Marine Corps Installations West, stationed at Camp Pendleton and responsible for all Marine bases on the West Coast. General Jackson, who has generously supported the Burdick Military History Project, and especially its Veterans Study Lounge, was also honored at a reception, hosted by Dean Sheila Bienenfeld of the College of Social Sciences.


In From March 16th to 25th, the Veterans Book Project, and director Monica Haller, ran a workshop in San Jose at the Burdick Military History Project, assisted by past participants Mary-Ann Rich and Pamela Olson.

Student veteran Damian Bramlett at work

Past and current bookmakers worked together writing, editing, sequencing photos, emails and journal entries to make their own books that they will “deploy” themselves and include in libraries large and small.

The Veterans Book Project is a growing series of books authored collaboratively between Monica Haller and veterans, family members, Iraqis, journalists and others with intimate first-hand experiences of American wars. Each volume is important on in its own, but also becomes part of a larger library, designed for dissemination through galleries, libraries and public reading rooms. There are 32 books in the library to date. Each book is available as a free download and published on demand for purchase. Bookmakers at the SJSU Burdick Military History Project included Damian Bramlett, Dan Cooper, Diana Marroquin and Clifford Lo and returning authors, Mary-Ann Rich and Pamela Olson. To learn more about the Veterans Book Project go to:


On April 30, the Burdick Military History Project presented the 2011 Burdick Military History Symposium with the title “Japanese American Soldiers in World War II.” After opening remarks by the BMHP’s director, Dr. Jonathan Roth, the first guest speaker, Dr. Stephen M. Payne, Command Historian of the Defense Language Institute in Monterey gave a talk entitled “Listening to the Enemy: Enlisted Linguists and the Establishment of the Fourth Army Language School.” Dr. Payne discussed the contribution of the thousands of Nisei translators in the Military Intelligence Service and their role in the beginnings of the Defense Language Institute. His presentation was accompanied by a slide show, with many rare shots of Nisei students and instructors.

Next came the screening of a new documentary on the all Japanese-American 442nd Regimental Combat Team entitled “Valor with Honor” by filmmaker Burt Takeuchi. Mr. Takeuchi is a sansei(third generation Japanese –American) from Los Angeles. He graduated in 1995 from San Jose State University. This powerful film combined the memories of surviving veterans with combat footage, photographs, and reenacted scenes. (More information about, and DVDs of, the film can be ordered from

Afterwards, Lawson Sakai, a combat veteran of the 442nd, who was featured in the film, spoke on “The Japanese American Veteran Experience.” Mr. Sakai fought in the rescue of the “Lost Battalion” (141st Infantry), and now is a member of the Friends and Family of Nisei Veterans (FFNV) a Northern California group which honors the Nisei military experience. A display put together by the FFNV featured the contributions Japanese-American soldiers in World War II. Those wishing a DVD of the event can contact Dr. Roth at


On June 21st, San Jose State University’s “Books to Baghdad” project mailed 80 boxes of college textbooks to U.S. State Department’s Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Diyala and Basra, who will pass the books on to Iraqi universities. Student veteran volunteers Damian Bramlett, David Richardson and Mike Fulwiler boxed the books, all recent publications donated by professors and instructors.

Since the boxes can be sent to an APO box in Iraq, domestic Media Rates apply and a box of books costs only about $15 (depending on the weight). The project’s head, Dr. Jonathan Roth notes that “Books To Baghdad” does not need more books, but does need money to cover more shipments. Donations should be made out to the SJSU Tower Foundation with "Books to Baghdad" in the memo line and sent to the History Dept, SJSU, SJ CA 95192-0117.

BEN HAZARD (continued from page 1)

translators at Okinawa and Saipan.

At Saipan, Hazard’s team warned of a coming gyokusaior “banzai” attack, saving hundreds of American lives. Hazard subsequently served in the occupation forces of both Korea and Japan. After returning home, he continued to serve as a reserve officer, teaching at the Sixth Army Intelligence School and retiring a Colonel.

Hazard continued his education under the

G.I. Bill and received a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley. Joining the faculty of the History Department at San Jose State College, he taught Asian history for many years. He mentored many students, including now Major General Anthony L. Jackson, who writes: “I am forever connected to his legacy and grateful for all that he gave to me. He challenged and inspired me, academically, more than I can put to words.” At Dr. Hazard’s memorial service, a military honor guard performed, and at the graveside a gun salute followed by taps and the folding of the flag.

Tower Foundation, with “Burdick Military

For more information, contact Dr. Jonathan Roth, History Department, San Jose State University, San Jose CA 95192-0117, tel: 408 924-5505; email:


Burga Santiago, director of the Lt. José

A. Santiago Memorial Foundation has agreed to chair a Friends of Spartan Veterans committee. The purpose of the committee is to help raise funds and provide support of SJSU veterans. Ms. Santiago is a retired supervising probation officer, and now works in the defense industry. Those interested in serving on this committee can contact her at


The Burdick Military History Project appreciates the support of donors Cecily Feudo and the estate of William Ramsey, Ron Fick, Anthony L. and Susan Jackson, Olive and William Keats, Shawna Terry and David Woods. Anyone wishing to support the Project, please make out a check to the

Spartan Salute

c/o Dr. Jonathan Roth History Department San Jose State University San Jose CA 95192-0117

History Project, in the memo line and mail to History Department, San Jose State University, San Jose CA 95192-0117.


With the assistance of the team at University Advancement, a new account has been set up at the Tower Foundation for the support of veterans and military students at San Jose State University.

Dr. Jason Laker, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dr. Jonathan Roth, chair of the Veterans Advisory Committee will manage the new account, which will be called the “Veteran and Military Student Support Fund.”

Those interested in donating can make a check out to the Tower Foundation with “Veteran and Military Student Support Fund” in the memo line and send it to Division of Student Affairs, San Jose State University, San José, CA 95192-0031.